Our Identity

Eunoia is a community of creative and artistic Christian students at the University of Virginia. We are pursuing Jesus together through propagating musical and artistic excellence and serving UVA’s art’s community.  Our events are centered around communal creativity and the arts. We host concerts and art shows at our building, The Garden.

We are passionate about creativity. This passion is borne out of a desire to reflect our creator who created our beautiful world.  God values the physical, the real, and has walked amongst us in flesh as Jesus.  In the incarnation, we were reminded that creativity and creation can communicate God to us.

εύνοια is an old Greek word which is translated “beautiful thinking.” As with many words, this definition doesn’t present a boundary of meaning so much as a place to begin a conversation. What is “beautiful thinking?” How is it different from any other thinking? One way we answer this question is to say that beautiful thinking is thinking a thought or action that participates in the renewal of those things which are broken and decaying. As creative students walking in the Christian tradition, we recognize beautiful thinking as a Gospel imperative. After all, God the Father, through his son Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit is making all things new. We are invited to be fellow participants in this, and as we think beautifully, we believe we are.

Our History

εύνοια is both new and old.


We are a proud continuation of a community that began on Grounds in the early 1950’s. It was then that a group of bright young students in the Baptist tradition came together to form a community who lived together and practiced their faith. For nearly 60 years now the Baptist Student Union (then Baptist Collegiate Ministries) that was formed has continued here at UVA. In 1959 the Baptist Student Center at the corner of Jefferson Park and Brandon was erected to serve as a home base for this ministry.

Our BSU/BCM has impacted countless students over the years as it provided community, friendships, weekly meals, and service opportunities to its members. Many of these members have gone on to become leaders in the church near and far.


Recognizing this great, long tradition from which we come, εύνοια celebrates our history as we seek a new way forward. We still hope to be a community that forms its members into the leaders of the future. We remain committed to providing a support for students in these difficult years. We will continue to host weekly meals and worship gatherings as we grow deeper in our faith and listen to who God is calling us to be. In this next season of life, our community is exploring new ways to love and serve our UVA community.

We are a group of students dedicated to celebrating beauty, truth, and goodness in the world. Part of this celebration is seeking to become a patron of sorts. We have been blessed with a fantastic building in an easily accessible location. Our hope is that this space can become an epicenter for redemptive art and beautiful thinking that reflects the God we serve and the Gospel that is redeeming all things.

All students are welcome in our community. You do not need to come from a certain Christian community. You do not need to be an artist. You only need to be hungry to see the Gospel change your life and this broken world.  Come join us at 1500 Jefferson Park Ave –The Garden.  Our center is open throughout the day and evening as a place of peace for you to study, create, and rest. See the sidebar for meeting times and events.  Also be sure to check our events calendar on the sidebar for concerts, workshops, and gatherings of interest.

Grace and peace to you,