Who are you?

εύνοια is a Collegiate Ministry at UVA that serves artists by offering opportunities for performance and display. The space we operate is called The Garden. For more specific information about getting involved in our ministry, please click the Eunoia link under the banner on the homepage.

What does εύνοια mean?

εύνοια is a Greek word meaning “beautiful thinking.”

What is The Garden?

The Garden is a listening room and art gallery operated by Eunoia. We  host a wide variety of performances, including Folk, Indie, Hip Hop, and Hardcore.

So, do you only feature religious art?

Absolutely not. We are here to serve artists regardless of their beliefs. Most of the shows we host, and many of the students who are a part of our community, are not Christian or even necessarily religious. We are proud of the diverse community that gathers around our mission of serving artists.

What makes you different from the other religious organizations on Grounds?

We are a group of students dedicated to celebrating beauty, truth, and goodness in the world. Part of this celebration is seeking to become a patron of the arts of sorts. We have been blessed with a fantastic building in an easily accessible location. Our hope is that this space can become an epicenter for redemptive art and beautiful thinking that reflects the God we serve and the Gospel that is redeeming all things.

While there are many religious organizations which exist to serve members of their particular religion, our group inspires students to serve those who are not like them, cultivating a spirit of service, hospitality, and love.